The ENCR Steering Committee is soliciting nominations for candidates to stand for election following the end of terms of its members. Currently there are eight vacancies on the ENCR Steering Committee.
A Call for Candidates is now open for interested individuals who would like to represent their cancer registry (or group of registries) and are available to contribute to the development of the Network.


Each candidate should be prepared to actively participate in ENCR activities of the Steering Committee in cooperation with other members.
The prospective candidates are advised to refer to the Terms of Reference of ENCR Steering Committee.
The duration of the mandate is three years, with the possibility of re-election once.


Candidates eligible for participating in the elections must:
•    submit a filled candidature form
•    be currently employed by a cancer registry member of the ENCR;
•    be supported by the director of their affiliated cancer registry;
•    be supported by two other ENCR members, with at least one of them being an ENCR member from another country
A member of the current ENCR Steering Committee may be candidate for re-election, provided that the time of continuous service will not reach or exceed six years at the time of the next ENCR Steering Committee meeting.
A former member of the ENCR Steering Committee may be a candidate, provided that at least three years elapsed since the end of their previous office.



Candidates must send an email to the ENCR Secretariat (JRC-ENCR@ec.europa.eu) with the following attachments:


  1. filled candidature form that includes:
  • a summarised CV
  • a short motivation letter with the main topics of interest to pursue during the term in the ENCR Steering Committee
  • signed agreement with the privacy statement (in annex to the form) for handling of personal data by the ENCR secretariat
  • signatures
    • Director of affiliated CR (if different from candidate)
    • Directors of two additional European CRs (at least one of them should be from a different country). Electronic signatures are accepted.
      All signatories from supporting CRs should be in copy of the e-mail submitting the form
  1. a personal photo for the website

Deadline: October 20, 2023


Once the candidature period is closed, a list of candidates will be prepared and the name, photo, CVs of candidates, plus a motivation letter, will be posted on the ENCR website between October and November 2023.  
The election will be held during the month of November 2023. All ENCR member registries will be asked to vote for up to five candidates. The candidates with the highest scores will be elected as members of the ENCR Steering Committee, following the ENCR election rules.