Call for data

2022 Data Call

The ENCR and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) invite all European population-based Cancer Registries to participate in the call dor data to update the European Cancer Information System (ECIS). Purpose and conditions of all processing operations are accessible to any interested person in a data protection record.

Data submission portal
The portal hosted by the JRC on a secure server, will handle the submission of individual-level data following the European Commission rules on data protection. The portal will be continually open to allow population-based Cancer Registries to update their data at any time, preferably on a yearly-basis. Please access the portal here, and  follow the portal user manual for instructions.

Data Call Protocol
Data should be submitted according to the protocol published, available here.

Data Call questionnaire
A link to the data call questionnaire is available at the time of submission inside the registry-specific space of the portal. Please note that filling in the questionnaire is required to complete the data submission.

The deadline has been extended until 31 January 2023. Data files submitted by this date will be considered for the computation of updated indicators in the ECIS web application, to be released in 2023.
Starting from 2023, contribution to the ECIS will be on a rolling basis, yearly, and submissions received by 31 January of each year will be taken into account for the annual update of the ECIS indicators (accordingly to the specifications in the data submission protocol).

ENCR-JRC Collaboration Agreement
In view of this and future data calls the signature of the Collaboration Agreement between the JRC and the ENCR registries is a pre-requisite for the exchange of cancer registry individual records (personal data), according to the instructions received earlier in the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ENCR Secretariat should you need any support.