Workshop on National Incidence Estimates, Ispra, 25 Oct 2018

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JRC-ENCR Workshop - Complementing the incidence indicators in ECIS with national estimates for countries without a national registry.

Cancer incidence indicators at national level are widely used by European public health policies and epidemiological cancer surveillance for time trend evaluations.
So far, the ECIS web application includes historical national cancer incidence data (up to 2014) for countries with a national registry. For other countries, historical data is available at regional level only, and in some cases the combined population coverage by the existing regional registries is incomplete.
The JRC and the ENCR Steering Committee agreed that estimation of historical cancer incidence at national level are a priority to be included in ECIS to allow the visualisation of national cancer trends for all EU countries.
The workshop will involve deputies from the concerned countries and experts in the specific field. It will give the opportunity to country/network representatives to report on their own data and analyses, and provide feedback on a possible common approach to be applied for the national incidence estimates in ECIS.