ENCR Steering Committee 2024-2026

Elected members

Ma-Dolores-Chirlaque photo
Dr Maria Dolores Chirlaque Lopez
Murcia Cancer Registry, Spain
Volker Arndt photo
Dr Volker Arndt
Cancer Registry Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Gijs Geleijnse photo
Dr Gijs Geleijnse
IKNL, Netherlands
Giske Ursin photo
Dr Giske Ursin
Norwegian Cancer Registry
Claudine Backes photo
Dr Claudine Backes
National Cancer Registry Luxembourg
Maciej Trojanowski photo
Dr Maciej Trojanowski
Greater Poland Cancer Registry, Poland
Laetitia Daubisse-Marliac photo
Dr Laetitia Daubisse-Marliac
Tarn Cancer Registry, France
Deirdre Murray photo
Dr Deirdre Murray
Ireland Cancer Registry

Nominated members

bray-freddie photo
Dr Freddie Bray
Representative of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Section of Cancer InformationLyon, France
Elizabeth_van_Eycken photo
Dr Elizabeth van Eycken
Representative of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR)Belgium Cancer Registry Belgium