New ENCR Steering Committee election rules

Published: 12 October 2018

New system for the Elections of the Steering Committee of the ENCR

Note: only the major points and the changes are mentioned

  • Each registry has 5 votes
  • Four representatives will be elected from the four candidates with the highest number of votes per UN geographical area Northern, Western, Southern and Central/Eastern Europe


  • Another four candidates will be elected based on the highest number of votes (not taking into account the four that were already elected on the basis of the geographical areas)
  • One representative of IACR
  • One representative of IARC
  • No representatives of other organizations, such as the Nordic countries or GRELL*
  • Possibility of one opted representative
    *GRELL and the Nordic countries have agreed with this proposal

Example of election results:

Candidate Geographical area Votes
A North 53
B North 66
C North 43
D North 28
E South 18
F West 23
G West 24
H West 30
I Central/East 5
J Central/East 6
K Central/East 12
L Central/East 38
M Central/East 53
N Central/East 3

B, E, H and M will be elected on the basis of the geographical area
A, C, D and L will be elected on the number of votes
(Opted member: e.g. F or G, to be decided by the SC.)

The new rules for the election of ENCR Steering Committee members were proposed to the ENCR members at the ENCR General Assembly on 27 October 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
ENCR Members are welcome to send their comments by 15 December 2018. A final decision will be made at the next ENCR Steering Committee meeting, 17 January 2019.