Dr Alla Egorova

Samara Cancer Registry, Russian Federation

Motivation for standing for election

Alla Egorova believes that the cancer registry of the Russian Federation is a unique system for storing and analysing data on cancer, which is currently very large data sets. The processing and analysis of material from your region will be of great interest not only for the development of oncology in the Russian Federation. Therefore, I associate the prospects of my activity with the creation on the basis of 2-3 large leading cancer registries of the Russian Federation of scientific and methodological interterritorial cancer registries that have areas of responsibility from among the neighboring territories. They must solve the problem of bringing the databases of cancer registers of the territories under their jurisdiction in accordance with the requirements of the IARC. In September 2019, at the II International Forum of Oncology and Radiology in Moscow, I presented the passport at the target program “II International audit of databases of territorial cancer registries of the Russian Federation”, which includes goals, objectives, results, financial estimates, action plan and target indicators. However, the proposal for the development of the clinical component of the work of cancer registries in the Russian Federation remains unclaimed and continues to be the work of only enthusiasts. I would very much like the Samara region to become a pilot territory for this work. To do this, I, together with the head of the institution where I work, plan to create an interregional Centre for Scientific Oncological and Epidemiological Research in the Samara region – an interregional cancer registry of the Volga Federal District, whose tasks will be to develop the clinical component of the work of cancer registries in 14 territories of the Russian Federation, to conduct their databases in accordance with the IARC requirements and clinical oncology, training of specialists, organization and conduct of scientific onco-epidemiological research, publication of monographs and articles. The activities of the new unit will be built taking into account the experience of specialists from the Samara Cancer Registry, in which the development of the clinical component of the work began in 2016 in connection with the transition to work in accordance with international standards. I am convinced that this work will contribute to the active inclusion of many territorial registers of the Russian Federation in the membership of ENCR and the submission of their data to the JRC. I suppose that my initiative on the development of cancer registries in the Russian Federation will be more effectively implemented if I am elected to the ENCR Steering Committee.

Short CV

Alla Egorova in 1998 defended her Ph.D. thesis in the specialty "healthcare organization". Many times, in the period from 1999 to 2019, she took advanced training courses in the specialty "healthcare organization". Since 2007, he has the highest qualification category in the specialty "healthcare organization", which is confirmed once every 5 years. The last category was confirmed on 03/04/2017. C 2002 rDAa Anna EropoBa 51BmleTC51 PYKOBOA111TeJleM CaMapcKoro paKOBOro Since 2002, Alla Egorova is the head of the Samara Cancer Registry, which works in the structure of the Samara Clinical Oncological Dispensary. In the period from 2007-2010, under her leadership, a territorial inter-level system for managing the quality of medical care for cancer patients was created. In 2010, the state registration of the Samara Cancer Registry software "Automated system for assessing the quality of diagnostics, treatment of malignant tumors and dispensary observation of cancer patients" was carried out - license No. 2010612497 dated 09.04.2010. Since 2016, the Samara Cancer Registry has begun the transition to work in accordance with international standards. The Samara Cancer Registry in 2016 became a member of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) and is currently a member of three international projects: Cancer incidence on Five Continents, volume XI (project CIS), International Childhood cancer incidence, volume 3 (project IICC-3), "Global calculation of the survival rate of cancer patients" (project "Concord-3"). Alla Egorova, together with her staff, is actively working to analyze complex data sets and conduct various epidemiological studies. Currently, the Samara Cancer Registry has published 6 monographs, including 4 year books, more than 200 articles have been published. Today, the Samara Cancer Registry is one of the best in the Russian Federation, it is the base platform for the exchange of experience and professional development of specialists. Over the past 10 years, on the basis of the Samara Cancer Registry, new methods of recording cancer patients have been developed and successfully introduced, which are now actively used in many regions of the Russian Federation. This work is supported by 8 patents and inventions. In her practical and scientific activities, Alla Egorova annually makes about 30 reports at various conferences and workshops. When presenting materials, he uses various features of EXCEL and PowerPoint. The material is presented in the form of tables, graphs, cartograms and cartodiagrams. At the same time, the material is commented and explained in its logical sequence. Egorova Alla is considered a good speaker. In 2015, Alla Egorova Alla was appointed head of the working group of the Association of Oncologists of the Volga Federal District to improve the organizational and methodological work and information support of oncological institutions. In 2018, Alla Egorova prepared the regional national program "Fight against cancer in the Samara region in 2019-2024", which is currently being successfully implemented. Alla Egorova is a principled and proactive employee. She is distinguished by her high working capacity, attentive attitude to patients. She is respected and respected by medical staff and patients.