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This meeting will take place on the shores of Lago Maggiore, on the Piedmont side, Italy from 5-7 October 2016. More information on the meeting and the abstract submission is available at this link.

ENCR-JRC Workshop on standards and trainings

This Workshop took place on 24 November 2014, at JRC, Ispra. Participants included ENCR SC members, representatives from IARC, Eurocare, Concord, Rarecare and experts from national networks of CRs, members of the Cancer Information group at the JRC, and other specialists in the field.

More information are available at this link.

JRC-ENCR Data Quality Check Software

A first beta version of the software for quality checks is available for download from the ENCR-JRC Portal. The software is intended for limited distribution to the ENCR-affiliated registries only, and can be downloaded from the ENCR-JRC Portal.
We would appreciate and encourage your feedback!

2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data: updates

Late applications for the ENCR- JRC Call for Data are still welcome through the ENCR-JRC Portal. The ENCR and JRC have launched the 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data for all the European population-based Cancer Registries in order to build a unique anonymised database of cancer data. So far, 88 European cancer registries have submitted data through the ENCR-JRC portal. Instructions for accessing the ENCR-JRC portal are available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The data collection is still on-going! If you haven't submitted your data so far, we wait for your contribution!

More information is available at this link.

ENCR-JRC Project: Incidence and Mortality in Europe

Data submissions for the ENCR-JRC project "Incidence and Mortality in Europe" will still be taken into account. If you want to know more, please find more detailed information here.
Looking forward to your contribution!

More information is available at this link.

59th ENCR Steering Committee Meeting

The next ENCR Steering Committee meeting will take place in Ispra on 5 February 2016.