ENCR Key Events


ENCR-JRC Training on Protection and Security of Cancer Registry Data, JRC-Ispra, Postponed to 2018

ENCR-JRC Symposium and ENCR General Assembly at the IACR 2017 Utrecht

An ENCR-JRC Symposium and ENCR General Assembly in the afternoon of the 19th October 2017, as a side event to the 39th IACR Annual Scientific Conference in Utrecht, NL. The draft agenda for the meeting focuses on the settlement of the new ENCR Steering Committee (following the elections that are going to take place during the month of September), the overview of the ENCR-JRC project “Incidence and Mortality in Europe” and the launch of the new European Cancer Information System (ECIS) website, reporting and disseminating the cancer burden indicators out of ENCR-JRC and EUROCARE projects.

Participation to the event is free of charge, online registration is available in the IARC 2017 registration form (last question).

Elections ENCR Steering Committee

Eight candidates run for the ENCR Steering Committee elections. The list and CVs of the candidates can be consulted here.The elections took place between 1 and 30 September 2017.

Training on Cancer Registry Data-collection and Comparability

JRC and ENCR organised on 3-4 May 2017 a training event on Cancer Data Collection and Comparability with one day devoted to issues related to data collection, and the second day to quality aspects of data analysis. A specific session on childhood cancer registration was included. The course was intended for data collection staff and managers employed in cancer registries with the aim to contribute to improving the harmonization of cancer registration procedures across Europe. More information is available here.

JRC-ENCR Data Quality Check Software: Third Release

The new beta version of the software for quality checks has been released. The current version is the first one available for downloading to all users directly from the ENCR website. This version incorporates the fixes needed to correct bugs reported by the cancer registries, and also improvements that were suggested in the feedback we received from many users. Thank you for your further feedback!
More information at this link.

ENCR Scientific Meeting and General Assembly

Borromeo Islands small

The ENCR Scientific Meeting and General Assembly took place in Baveno, Italy, 5-7 October 2016.  With over 160 participants, 36 oral presentations and 50 posters, the scientific conference was a great success. 
More information is available HERE.

ENCR Steering Committee Meetings

The 61st ENCR Steering Committee meeting took place on 4 October 2016. A summary of the minutes is available here. The 62nd ENCR Steering Committee will take place on Tuesday 31 January 2017.

ENCR-JRC workshop: Defining the roadmap towards revision of ENCR coding standards and training for cancer registries

The report of the Workshop is now available at this link!
The workshop took place on 24 November 2014, at JRC, Ispra. The technical proposals made during the workshop have helped the ENCR-SC to prioritize the future supporting activities to the real needs of cancer registries. Concreate actions have been already taken either on recommendations (working groups are setting up on Multiple primaries and on Date of incidence) and on training (a workshop on Cancer registries data quality evaluation is scheduled on 4 October 2016, in Baveno).

ENCR and JRC Support to the Moldova Cancer Registry

During the last week of July 2016, the National Statistical Institute of Moldova, in collaboration with the WHO country office, invited experts from JRC and ENCR to Chisinau to provide an assessment and consultancy support to the National Cancer Registry, The JRC and ENCR experts were requested to assess current procedures, evaluate the progress made since the 2013 visit and recommend improvements. The visit of experts was co-funded by the WHO country office and JRC.

2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data: updates

The 2015 ENCR-JRC Call for Data is intended for all the European population-based Cancer Registries and aims to build a unique anonymised database of cancer information and to accommodate multiple studies (JRC-ENCR, EUROCARE, CI-V). Instructions for accessing the ENCR-JRC portal are available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information on the Call is available at this link.

ENCR-JRC Project: Incidence and Mortality in Europe

The ENCR-JRC project is intended for all the European population-based Cancer Registries and aims to estimate the burden of cancer in Europe.
As of September 2016, 100 European cancer registries from 28 different countries have contributed data for this project through the ENCR-JRC portal. Instructions for accessing the ENCR-JRC portal are available by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Looking forward to your contribution!

More information on the project is available at this link.

Updated ENCR Membership Criteria

New ENCR membership criteria are available at this link.