Workshop: Population-based cancer survival metrics, 13 Nov 2023, Granada

This workshop will describe a range of options for presenting survival-based metrics from population-based data. This will include metrics that are useful for reporting the impact of cancer on patient survival and approaches for making fair comparison across population groups (including international comparisons). The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of the methods that are available and their relative merits, rather than the technical details of their calculation (although relevant related references and links to software implementations will be given). The key topics that will be covered include:

  • The key distinction between crude and net survival metrics.
  • A contrast between estimation in a relative survival or cause-specific framework.
  • The role of age-standardisation.
  • Discussions around the most appropriate survival metrics for different audiences/purposes.
  • Introduce alternative metrics such as gains in life expectancy and avoidable deaths.
  • Discuss estimation approaches available in both a model-based and non-parametric setting.

Registration is possible at the ENCR-IACR 2023 Scientific Conference registration page.