The JRC as the Research Centre of the European Commission

The Joint Research Centre (JRC)  is the scientific and technical Directorate- General of the European Commission. The Centre provides  policy support, scientific advice and technical know-how to a wide range of EU policies. JRC's status as a Commission service guarantees independence from private or national interests.
The JRC is divided into seven Scientific Institutes, located at five different sites in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain,. These institutes have a wide range of laboratories and unique research facilities. The Centre employs around 2750 staff from all over the EU. The Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) is one of these seven scientific institutes, and since 1998.  IHCP has concentrated on science for a healthier life. The  mission of IHCP  is to provide scientific and technical support to EU policies related to the health and consumer protection of European citizens in the fields of food safety, consumer products, chemicals and public health. More information can be found here.
Major new activities of the IHCP include EU harmonisation of screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer as well as provision of harmonised cancer data. IHCP also has competences in behavioural science. Some research is examining more effective ways to reduce the burden of disease associated with  individual choice regarding  diet and lifestyle.

Since December 2012, JRC IHCP hosts  the Secretariat of the ENCR.