Survival of cancer patients in Italy - Report 2016

Beginning of 2017 AIRTUM – the Italian Network of Cancer Registries (CRs) – published a Monograph on cancer survival in Italy. The Monograph combines information on net cancer survival, year/s conditional net cancer survival, crude or age- and/or other variable standardized, with information, by site, on:

• age-specific probability of death disaggregated by cancer and other causes, explained through a graph;
• the precision of the participating CR in estimating the pool of national data, by using a funnel plot;
• the population age-specific live expectancy compared to cancer age-specific life expectancy, once again through a graph.

The full text of the AIRTUM Monograph is available at http://www.epiprev.it/pubblicazione/epidemiol-prev-2017-41-2-suppl1